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Apply for ARW

Want to apply to be on the ALLRiPPED Team?

Apply for Uploader here

We would like to see at least 10 upload posts( 5 TV and 5 Movie..etc accepted) in your history that are coded properly following the standard rules below

Apply for Link Checker here

As a link checker it would be your job to check daily all the links on the forum you were assigned. If a you find a broken link PM the uploader and ask them to please fix it.

Apply for Moderator here
  • Not just anyone can be a Moderator here. You will have to have experience and know how.
  • You will have to let us know what section or board you would want to moderate and why.
  • And lastly you would have to prove yourself by being active on our board now.

Apply to be a PHP Coder here

  • You will need to versed in SMF
  • We will need to know your qualifications
  • You need to know we all work for free

Apply to be a Theme Designer here

  • You will need to have worked with SMF before
  • We will need to see some of your previous work

Apply to be a Graphic Designer here

  • We will need you to submit some of your work.