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ALLRiPPED has opened a new mining pool for Masari


The reason I opened this pool is because of the very low network hashrate and difficulty and the high block rewards. With XMR right now it can take a week or longer for most small miners to reach a payout. With MSR it will take a day especially if you get in now. At this moment the network hashrate for MSR is 8.14 MH/s and the network difficulty is only 976 676 112 with the block reward of 25.58 MSR so at current rate of $0.8555 per MSR each block is worth 21.88369 . Meaning on a pool with a small amount of miners you can really make some money. Masari is a great project and will only go up in value. It has a strong community behind it with very active development. I am currently pointing all my hashpower at our new pool and putting 100% of my resources toward this new project. Come be a part of something new and make a lot of easy coin!

New pool is located at 5 post minimum to see code tags!

Masari website is at 5 post minimum to see code tags!

Download a wallet for Masari at 5 post minimum to see code tags!

yay! CPU power coming your way. GPU power soon after i stop coming up with excuses not to take the time to create the config files =D


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