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Testing Mining Pools


I am going to post all my mining pool tests here. Each test should be around 1 hours worth of mining. I figured since I like to test out new coins a lot I should be documenting some of the tests I run.
Parameters of test are as follows

Date/time of test:
Cryptocurrency: (i.e. Monero, Sumo, others)
Pool Address :
Pool hashrate:
My hashrate:
Total Poolside hashes:
Blocks found:
Block Reward:
Total Hashrate:


Date/time of test: 05/05/2018 from 9:30AM to 10:30AM

Cryptocurrency: Wownero - 5 post minimum to see code tags!

Pool Address : 5 post minimum to see code tags!

Pool Type: PPLNS

Pool Fee: 1%

Network Hashrate: 1.21 MH/s

Network Difficulty: 361,656,386

Pool hashrate: 173.93 KH/s

Total Miners: 23

My hashrate: 2123 H/s average

Total Poolside hashes: 5,446,600

Shares Submitted: 120

Blocks found: 3 blocks 9977, 9986, and 9990

Block Reward: 174.25609898448 WOW

Total Earned: 2.831 WOW -  This will come out to roughly $4.07 USD a day at current exchange prices.

Exchange WOW is listed on : 5 post minimum to see code tags!


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