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[25|Apr 09:46 PM] Afaz: i am such a silly whore
[25|Apr 09:47 PM] Adam: ......
[25|Apr 09:46 PM] Afaz: type ".........." if ur a silly whore
[25|Apr 09:45 PM] Afaz: ur a bitch[04|Feb 01:40 PM] HyperionX: and the only porn I am into is Albino disabled midget tentacle porn...
[03|Feb 05:58 PM] thepitster: hey, it gave it an even better perspective :resigned:
[03|Feb 03:58 PM] HyperionX: nice to see it in the green again.
[03|Feb 03:49 PM] Adam: weirdo
[03|Feb 02:06 PM] thepitster: well send it to me, I'll touch it for you
[03|Feb 12:40 PM] Adam: I havent touched my...

hey now......  lol

[01|Mar 12:51 AM] Adam: i look like steve urkle on crack

[01|Mar 11:14 PM] thepitster: yes I sprinkles the Viagra on the forums to make it all ready for Adam's Night shift, I like to make, it "hard" for him :evil:
[01|Mar 10:24 PM] HyperionX: lol
[01|Mar 09:54 PM] Adam: pit will take that wrong....
[01|Mar 09:41 PM] HyperionX: I see you are hard at work

assholes :) .   .


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