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so who has a seedbox and or recomendations? i currently share one with someone and have 200GB of space but am looking to upgrade to a dedicated one myself

the current one im looking at specs are -

1 TB HDD Storage
500Mbit Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unmetered Bandwidth
Instant Setup!!
8 Users Per Server
4GB of RAM

for 25 bucks a month.... any recomendations?

poop  :clap: :evil: :kiss:

damn that actually looks good for the price. I got to get me one again, I let my old go that I had back when we were all hanging at ShAaNiG's, and then when movie-forum went down and we all ended up here I thought I might be needing the funds for a better web services, but alas not that many knocking the server door down getting in here, so no need to spend more money on something not needed.
But yeah that looks damn good, specially if you're can splitting that with others.

Have a 250GB right now for ten w month... only draw back with this service its on is thwt you cant use public trackers :/


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