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Your account is going to get deleted

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if you are a 0 poster or inactive your account is getting deleted. If you cannot thank someone for something you downloaded, introduce yourself or be active somehow you will be deleted.

Will do!

Oh well that scotches that idea after 5 posts no more that means easier access...Thank you
half of the reasoning behind the verification nonsense is to get people active on top of other reasons.... so if you are here, dont be shy and lurk. we dont bite... well i cant say much for hype. depends on the amt of coding hes done within the past 24 hrs  :2funny:

lol dont forget unless I am hungry too

everyday I will be going through the members list and if you have registered more than 14 days ago and you have 0 posts you will recieve a warning. You have 7 days after that warning to post or you will be deleted. 

And just so you know the chatbox at the top of the forum does not count toward your post count...


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