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Charge anywhere safely with the SyncStop USB Condom


Following up on a previous post...

Charge anywhere safely with the SyncStop USB Condom

If you charge up your smartphone or tablet using public charging stations, this is a must.

I mostly keep my devices charged up using chargers that have been tested and I trust, but there are times when I'm out and about where I'm forced to make the choice between using a public charge point, or running seriously low of juice.

Having a USB "data blocking" condom is a cheap way to have peace of mind.
I've tested this extensively and found no problem with charging when using SyncStop, with the dongle allowing up to 2.1A of power to flow across it, with the device allowing absolutely no data connection between charger and smartphone or tablet. There's also no overheating or noise.

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Cost is about US$13 for the "naked" adapter and about US$25 for the pretty one.

Also available from a different company, a USB-C version.


THis is pretty cool

The Syncstop brand, US$7 for the naked one and US$13 for the pretty one.

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Similar ones on Amazon are  in the same price range

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